Horseback riding and Equestrian stopover gîte


We propose several formulas that you can tailor to your experience with Camille.

In the heart of the Malepère and in close proximity of our domaine, you can benefit from different equestian adventures - all overseen by our daughter Camille Vimal du Monteil (holder of the equestrian tourism diploma CNTE)


Leçon en manège


Horse ride or trek

  • 15€ per person for 1 hour : Beginner to advanced level
  • 25€ per person for 2 hours : for experienced riders


Discovery lesson, poney : Ideal for children over 3 years old, trek and games, 40 minutes

  • Price : 10€ per child


Equestrian stopover gîte

  • Horse lodgings : exterior paddock, hey included Price : 5 €/night
  • Rider accommodation : see our rental prices. Meals included : consult with us for details


For all information, contact Camille Vimal du Monteil
Tel: +33 6 76 84 41 25



Walking trails

The massif "la Malepère" owes its diversity, originality and reputation to being set in a climatic "crossroad" with both Mediterranian and Oceanic influences. The landscape is a superb mosaic of forests, fields and vines. The flora is much priced by botanists due to the rare plants that have colonised the massif (orchids,...) The presence of careful agriculture has maintained colonies of rare and protected birds and small mammals (birds of prey, vultures, bats,...)

Here we give 2 exemples of exceptional local nature trails:

Boucle du Rec Grand

Carte randonnée du Rec Grand
This trail gives you an impression of all the different elements that make up this landscpe (copses, vines, fields, forests...) It offers a panoramic view of the Razès and the Pyrénées mountain chain.

Start : at the southern entrance to Villarzel, by the lane that turns left off the D.318.
Trail : clearing the ravine "Rec Grand", rounding a man made lake, passing the farms of "Granet" and "Courtaulines" before returning to Villarzel.
Characteristic : pedestrian
Duration : 3 h
Sign posting:
2 yellow lines
Difficulty : medium

Sentier botanique du Bois du Chapitre

Randonnée Bois du Chapitre
This circuit will make you discover, love and respect the rich and pictoresue nature of this massif. It is a pedestrian trail and is adapted to suit the whole family: average duration: 1 h 30 to 2 h. Happy walking!

Start : at the "la Bergerie" (chalet with drinking water and fire-place) . Two protected oaks, planted during Louis XIII's reign, open the walk. The trail goes through the forest to the crest, allowing for a view of Montréal , Fanjeaux and Montagne Noire. Return to the Bergerie.
Points of interest: le Saut Cani - a calcified cascade among exceptional vegetation.
Length : 4 kilometres
Sign posting: yellow
Pictogram : flower
Difficulty : none
Periode : all year
Equipment : light walking equipment
Access : Bergerie du Bois du Chapitre, south of Montréal




Artistic activities


La Goutine offers the opportunity of one-to-one or group tuition in painting and drawing with Chat Robinson MA in Fine Art. A working English artist, resident in the nearby village of Villarzel du Razes, Chat has sixteen years’ experience lecturing in further and higher education and offers teaching to all levels and in all styles.